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Politicians and pundits have started talking about the overwhelming problem of student debt and what to do about the $1.6 trillion that Americans collectively owe. 

Recently, President-elect Joe Biden spoke about his support for student loan forgiveness that could offer $10,000 in relief and has said that canceling some of the $1.6 trillion in student debt is part of his economic recovery plan. 

But we realize that this is a national issue with local concerns. 

PublicSource wants to report on how college debt has impacted the lives of Pittsburgh residents and we need your help. How have college loans factored into your financial decision-making? Do you believe $10,000 is enough or too little relief? How has college debt impacted your life overall? 

We want to hear your stories and learn how student debt has been affecting you. Tell us about your experience borrowing money for college and what it is like to have student loans. Please fill out the survey and leave us your contact information so we can reach back out and talk to you. Your replies will be read only by our higher education reporter and editors.

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Naomi Harris

Naomi Harris was the higher education reporter for PublicSource from November 2020 to October 2021 in partnership with Open Campus.