Pittsburgh: City police to hire first transgender officer

The Pittsburgh Police Bureau plans to induct a transgender officer into the force once training is complete through the Pittsburgh Police academy. Houston, San Francisco, San Jose and New York have all accepted officers who identify as transgender.

Pittsburgh: Airport retailer violates “street pricing”

An audit by Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner found that Airmall in the Pittsburgh International Airport was selling some items for higher prices than their out-of-airport counterparts. The retailer has since adjusted its prices.

Pittsburgh: URA picks East Liberty plan back up

The Urban Redevelopment Authority is revisiting a plan to turn Penn Circle into two-way streets. The plan, which began 15 years ago, would direct traffic and people into the neighborhood. It could cost up to $9 million.

Harrisburg: Random checks at child care centers

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a bill that would let officials check up on child care centers without announcing their visit first to keep them prepared year-round. Many state businesses already get inspected throughout the year without a heads-up.

Philadelphia: Transgender woman beaten, killed

A group of men beat 22-year-old Kiesha Jenkins before shooting her twice in the back. This is the city’s second reported killing of a transgender person this year, and police are investigating if the assault is a hate crime or robbery.

Philadelphia: Student arrested for gun threat

Authorities arrested a high school student after his school received a gun threat and locked down. Officials said the student hadn’t attended any classes before the threat.


Supreme Court targets lawyers

The Supreme Court has banned members of the bar from line sitting, the act of lobbyists and lawyers paying other people to keep their place in line for important hearings. Most line sitting happens in the public line, which is typically longer than the admission line for the bar.

Meanwhile, in the presidential race …

A super PAC called Draft Biden is encouraging the vice president to run for the 2016 presidential seat. Also, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are leading the polls in their respective parties in several states, including Pennsylvania.

South Carolina braces for more flooding

Residents are gearing up for a second round of flooding. The first round swept through the area during a storm last weekend.

Crew of convicts schools Harvard

The Ivy League university’s debate team lost to a team of inmates at a maximum-security prison in New York. The prison team has already beaten teams from West Point and the University of Vermont.


Russia launches missiles into Syria

The Russian military sent 26 cruise missiles into Syria to hit 11 Islamic State group targets. No civilians were killed in the attack, said Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

A Nobel cause

Three chemists won the Nobel Prize for their research on DNA damage in cells. Developments in how cells repair damaged DNA may help to create new drugs to fight cancer.


Daisy-Head Mayzie invades China

Adults in Beijing are wearing plastic plants on their heads in the latest fashion craze. Locals don’t know how the trend originated, but bean sprouts are the most popular accessory.

The daily report was compiled by Elaina Zachos, a PublicSource intern. You can reach her with questions or suggestions at

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