Law on cameras in nursing homes and what to do if you want one


Pennsylvania does not have a law on cameras in nursing homes. The state defaults to federal guidelines that protect the dignity and privacy of nursing-home residents, but they do not address the use of cameras.

If you want the state to address this one way or the other, contact:

If you are interested in installing a camera for communication or monitoring, and you want to know how your loved one’s nursing home handles the issue:

  • Talk to an administrator about your concerns.
  • Ask for a copy of facility rules and regulations.
  • Join the family council and urge your loved one to participate in the resident council.
  • Know that there are no state laws against the use of video recording, but audio without consent of all parties is illegal in Pennsylvania.
  • It is suggested that you inform the facility administrator of any cameras and obtain consent from both the resident and any roommates.

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