Pittsburgh: Welcoming more immigrants to the city

Mayor Bill Peduto has a plan for the city to attract and retain more immigrants. His plan addresses issues of providing transportation, education and resources to help immigrants acclimate to the city.

Philadelphia: Man charged with murder of transgender woman

A preliminary hearing was held Tuesday where the girlfriend of Raheam Felton testified that he made advances on the victim, London Chanel, before stabbing her several times.

Lebanon County: Stealing from the PTA

The former president of the Lickdale Association of Parents and Faculty admitted to stealing more than $8,000 from the organization’s funds between August 2013 and 2014, and is now facing felony theft charges.

Western PA: Plentiful pipeline projects

Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia are doling out huge amounts of natural gas right now, and plans are in the works to expedite the process even further. Pipeline construction aims to move more natural gas into New England, eastern Canada, the Midwest and the South.

Statewide: Injury-related deaths in the state

Heroin overdose killed more people than car accidents in Pennsylvania and 35 other states. Pennsylvania has the ninth-most drug overdose deaths.


A push to end the flag

Walmart, eBay, Amazon and Sears all took the Confederate flag off of their store shelves and Internet sites on Tuesday. On Monday, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley supported removing the flag from the capitol.

Trans-Pacific Partnership passes

After months of filibustering in Congress, the Senate hit the minimum number of votes to pass a procedural vote on Tuesday. Despite wide opposition from Democrats, the second half of the bill is expected to pass today in which case President Obama would be able to sign the bill by this evening.

Federal computer upgrade

Millions of government employees recently had stores of personal information stolen. The government updated the computers that detected the breach, but reports from the Office of Personnel Management indicate the upgrades will probably fail to make things any safer.


Loosen those jeans

Apparently, a woman in Australia made an emergency trip to the hospital because her skinny jeans were too tight. Her calves swelled up inside the jeans, and doctors found that she had muscle damage for squatting in the pants for too long.

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