Pittsburgh: Port Authority may charge for ConnectCards

The Port Authority ConnectCard is like a New York City MetroCard, but while a MetroCard costs $1, Port Authority passes are free. The Port Authority has proposed a $5 fee for the card to recoup some of its cost. Public hearings will be held June 30.

Pittsburgh: Korean heritage on the Pitt campus

Room 304 in the Cathedral of Learning will be home to the university’s 30th Nationality Room. It will be based on the 14th-century Royal Academy in Seoul, Korea. Five Korean carpenters are constructing the room this summer, and it’s expected to be completed in August.

Harrisburg: PA foster children and psychotropics

Foster children on the state’s Medicaid program were four times as likely to be prescribed antipsychotic medications than other kids in the health assistance program. Department of Human Services officials say they plan to work with healthcare professionals to change this.

Harrisburg: Former legislator released from prison

Former House Rep. Mike Veon will be released from a state prison in Somerset County today. In 2010, he was convicted of running a program that paid legislative staffers with taxpayer money to campaign for Democrats.

Philadelphia: Planning for the Pope’s September visit

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Philly Sept 26 and 27. Transportation guidelines just released show the city expects 1.5 million visitors that week. Public transportation routes will be altered, and people should count on walking a couple miles to their destinations.

Allegheny County: The State of Aging in Allegheny County

Some of the report’s key findings: The senior population is growing rapidly; about one-quarter of seniors work past age 65; and more than 77 percent of seniors aged 65 to 74 own a home.


The GOP and Affordable Care Act

Republicans hope that the Supreme Court will void President Obama’s healthcare reforms, but they’ll face a bigger concern if they do win that fight because millions of people will then be without health insurance. If this were to occur, Republicans propose installing temporary measures to protect people under the ACA until the next president implements a long-term plan.

Almost a million new millionaires

Last year, 920,000 people joined the millionaires club. More than a third of those were Americans. The U.S. has the most millionaires — 4.4 million out of 14.6 million total — but a powerful stock market is fueling a rise of the ultra wealthy in India.

Do you know what SPF means?

Buying a good sunblock is a huge factor to preventing skin cancer and sunburn, but most consumers don’t know what the labels mean. The FDA says to look for sunblocks that say “broad spectrum,” as these protect against both UVA and UVB light, and an SPF of 15 or higher.

Golden State Warriors defeat Cleveland Cavaliers in NBA finals

The Warriors ended their 40-year title drought with a Game 6 win on Tuesday night.


Pigs fly at Primanti Bros.

As of Tuesday, customers can now order the formerly-retired “When Pigs Fly” sandwich from the chain. Portions of the sales will benefit area food banks. This sandwich features fried egg, turkey, bacon, ham and cheese on top of the standard French fries, cole slaw and tomato.

Lost tiger toy finds his owner again

Hobbes, a homemade stuffed animal, was lost at the Tampa International Airport. While he was there, he toured the facilities, ate some gelato and played Jenga with the staff.

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