Harrisburg: The most vulnerable will suffer from budget battle and delay

County services for the homeless, children and those with physical disabilities, among others, will be hurt by the continuing delay of state funds as legislators and Gov. Tom Wolf struggle to come to terms on a budget.

Pittsburgh: Turnpike tolls go up, but not for all

Pennsylvania tolls will go up for you and me. But not for everyone. Pennsylvania turnpike employees and contractors continue to drive free, despite auditors general in the state saying they shouldn’t.

Beaver County: Man dies from rattlesnake bite

If you know someone who gets bitten by a rattler, don’t try to suck the venom out, just call 911.

Philadelphia: Want cheaper Internet and cable, move to Paris

An American in Paris found that his bills for Internet, cable TV and telephone were one-third of what they were in the United States. PublicSource looks at the 1.1 million in Pennsylvania who don’t have Internet access.


Trump says McCain is not a hero

This is what it took to get other Republican contenders for the presidential nomination to condemn Donald Trump.

From flames to rain in California

Just days after fires swept across the Las Vegas Freeway, rains swept through desert areas of Joshua Tree National Park, washing out a bridge. And they say it never rains in Southern California.

More on the Bill Cosby scandal

Another deposition from cases where women claimed that comedian Bill Cosby raped them was released by the New York Times. And no one less than the president said that what Cosby described was rape.


Everybody’s talking about 36 hours

The New York Times feature, 36 hours in Pittsburgh. Two things some have noticed: There are no people of color in Pittsburgh (with the exception of a biker and a taster of grappa); and you’d better hurry to Salt of the Earth, one of the featured restaurants. It’s closing August 1.

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