Are you interested in contributing to PublicSource’s mission? Learn more about the board of directors and apply here.

About the Organization

PublicSource inspires critical thinking and bold ideas through journalism rooted in facts, diverse voices and pursuit of transparency. We tell in-depth stories for a better Pittsburgh.

PublicSource was formed in 2011 at a time when people were realizing just how troubled the journalism industry is. With the drop in advertising dollars and shrinking newspapers, in-depth and investigative journalism in Pittsburgh was shrinking, too. PublicSource was created to fill this gap. We strive to be the essential public source of information for Pittsburghers seeking to solve the necessities of their lives and improve their communities. 

About the PublicSource Board of Directors

PublicSource board members are passionate about local journalism and the role that free press plays in our democratic society. They understand why journalism must bring an equity lens to reporting. They support PublicSource’s mission to produce news for a better Pittsburgh by providing governance, fiscal oversight, advocacy, mentorship and support.

Length of Term

Three years; maximum of (3) three-year terms

PublicSource Board Members

  • are well connected to communities and can act as ambassadors both of communities and PublicSource;
  • bring a willingness to collaborate with staff to execute PublicSource strategy;
  • work with staff and board to finalize annual budget; provide fiscal oversight;
  • actively serve on a board committee;
  • support PublicSource efforts through event participation, sponsorship and other opportunities to extend reach;
  • identify other potential board members.

Please address any questions to