3 thoughts on “Genetics or lead? One Pittsburgh mother’s question about her son’s learning disability.

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  3. I feel the same about my son. We lived in a home in Morningside built in
    1929. Of course there is lead paint somewhere in the house and I also boiled
    tap water for formula. I didn’t know at
    the time that this increases lead in the water.
    When I did realize after about 3 month, I stopped and used gallon water.
    I think lots of people don’t know that boiling water can cause lead to
    concentrate. I mean we are told to boil
    water sometimes so it seem like it is ok. My son was tested around 2yr. and did
    have some lead in his blood but the Drs said it was in normal range. Now they say any lead can cause issues. I’m left wondering if lead is the cause for
    my son’s hearing loss and ADHD diagnosis and reading issues. People need to be
    informed and I will look for a way for me to be part of this. Thank you for your story.