Harrisburg: Attorney General Kathleen Kane formally indicted

Kane has been charged with perjury, official oppression, obstruction of justice and contempt of court. Gov. Tom Wolf called for her to resign.

Philadelphia: Narcotics officer booted a second time

Perry Betts was one of six narcotics officers who was acquitted of federal corruption charges, which included racketeering and conspiracy. But he failed a drug test required for him to rejoin the police, so he will be suspended on Monday and likely dismissed.

Allentown: Residents confront City Council

The FBI seized the materials of Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski and various City Hall staff members about a month ago, but nobody has been charged with anything. Community activists have called for the resignations of Pawlowski and some City Council members.

Harrisburg: New director of state homeland security

Gov. Tom Wolf’s nominee for state police commissioner, Col. Marcus Brown, has been appointed as the new director. The Senate voted not to confirm Brown as police commissioner because his state police experience was in Maryland. The homeland security position does not go through Senate confirmation hearings.

Beaver County: Groups appeal DEP permits to Shell

The Department of Environmental Protection granted Royal Dutch Shell the air permit to build a petrochemical plant in Beaver. The Clean Air Council and Environmental Integrity Project have both appealed the grant to the Environmental Hearing Board, claiming that the permit doesn’t prevent Shell from producing further air pollution.

Statewide: Economists question Republicans’ claims about severance tax

Senate Republican Joe Scarnati commented on WITF that Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed severance tax would put 250,000 people out of work (while only about 89,000 Pennsylvanians work in the industry). Economists doubt this claim, though. They acknowledge some jobs might be lost, but not enough to wipe out the industry.


Japan remembers

Thursday marked the 70th anniversary of the atomic devastation of Hiroshima in World War II. The second bomb was dropped three days later on Nagasaki, effectively ending the war in Japan.

First Republican debates

Two debates were held on Thursday night, a 5 p.m. event featuring seven of the candidates and a 9 p.m. event featuring the bigger names (and crowd of 10): Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.

Jon Stewart departs ‘The Daily Show’

“The world is demonstrably worse than when I started,” Stewart said on his Wednesday night show. “Have I caused this?” The satirist ended his 16-year run on Thursday night.


Musician discerns humpback whale’s calls

Male humpback whales don’t just make wailing calls, but actually sing. They’re capable of composing unique songs. Katy Payne, a musician first and biologist second, was the one who figured out that whales write harmonies with the others around them.

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