There’s the North Shore known for its riverside stadiums and restaurants, and the South Side popular for its bars and businesses, but have you heard of the East Shore?

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you hadn’t. It’s a relatively new name for a collection of long-established boroughs just outside of Pittsburgh. The ‘East Shore,’ as it’s being called, encompasses Swissvale, Rankin, North Braddock and Braddock.

The campaign rolled out last summer as part of an economic redevelopment strategy to transform the region and attract new opportunities. But, for some, it sparked questions and concerns about why a new name is needed and if the name change was only the beginning of plans that could eventually lead to current residents searching for new homes.

So, what happens when one part of a community is at odds with the other over strategies to reclaim and revamp its image for potential new residents? We spoke with four people who could shed light on the East Shore campaign and its potential effects.

This is the final installment in a three-part series where we took a step back to explain important concepts bubbling below the surface of topical issues in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas.

Jourdan Hicks is a community reporter at PublicSource, she can be reached at

Ryan Loew is PublicSource’s visual storyteller/producer. He can be reached at or on Twitter at @RyanLoew.

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Jourdan is a senior community correspondent at PublicSource. Previously, Jourdan was engaged as a community-based educator in the Hazelwood section of the city. A lifelong Pittsburgh resident, she’s...