Rivers. Yellow bridges. The inclines. These elements are ubiquitous in cliche shots of Pittsburgh.

It’s not a secret: Our city is photogenic.

Yet we Pittsburghers know that our strength is in people, our neighbors and stories we share with one another.

We, at PublicSource, try to capture these voices in our reporting. Our readers know that our stories are about people and challenges they face. And we want to tell more of these stories, in different formats, on platforms people use.

So, that’s the reason we at PublicSource are thrilled to share our mini-project PublicStreets. We launched in the summer of 2017 and haven’t stopped since.

It’s an effort to bring authentic voices from Pittsburgh’s streets to you: citizens’ ideas for a better Pittsburgh, challenges, adventures and passions — you will find all of it in PublicStreets.

This project is an occasional series focusing on stories from the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Usually, we’re simply exploring a neighborhood at random, but sometimes we will have special themes.

Follow this series on our Facebook and Instagram with hashtag #PublicStreetsPGH and share these stories. If you have suggestions or ideas, we’d love to hear from you at mila@publicsource.org.

Krithika Saraswathy Pennathur

Jameelah Luster

Carolyn Biglow

Diarra Imani

Frank McGinnis

Alyssa Bihary

Imani Batts

Sarah Stephens

Harold James

Alana Coles

Nick Noir

Eddie Charalambous

Angelique Grimm and Melissa Mitchell

Patty Hess

Taylor Anderson

Tre Murray

Charlotte Ka

Karen Roguski

Zach Hammonds

Quinton Zigler

Bernard James

John Jones

Tricia Dignon

Darius Daniels

Hannah Joharchi

Geri Acrie

James Manns

Matthew Petronio

Peter Stumpf

Tracey Hopkins

Dick and Kay Jennings

Neashia Johnson

Charlotte Wlodkowski

Pete Pross and Kenneth Hairston

Zuri Williams

Javon and Ricky Williams

Mary Kate Ranii

Christian Polk

Terri Winaught

Bert Micholas

Chelsea Carbaugh

Denise Johnson

Elizabeth Colland

Paige and Beatrice

Girl Scout Troop 52910

Mohawk Jesse

Teresa Bradley

Belinda Faulk

Emily Kane

Aniket Patil

Jenelle Rubenstein

Tyler Moloney

Jason Elias

Domenic Betters

Andrew Stump

Dennis Jordan

Jeffro Coffey

Moshe Baran

Christine Graziano

Kenneth Pelton

Samuel Ressin

Benjamin Behanan

Pete McQuillin and Nancy Chubb

Masoud Sayles

Billy Anger

Diane Katz


Marcia Smith

Jay Walker and Bridget McCoy

Robert Wylie

Bud Hicks

Claire Hortens

Shelley Earl

Melissa Ciccocioppo




Joshua Darnley

Mike Pastorkovich

Suzanne South

Karen Fuller

Marcel Schipper

John Johnson

Chris Englert

Lee White

Amy Oddo



Shirin Fozi

Jonathan Reyes



Taha Ahmed

Sabeen Iqbal

Ruchi Singh

Rup Pokharel

Romana King Bruneri

Jillian Hernandez

Joe Weiss




Nick DiMinno

Alice Abiya

Jo Riley

Chris Ruffim

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