New partnership to provide Pittsburgh with more investigative journalism about the state government

Christopher Baxter is the executive director and editor in chief of Spotlight PA.


Pennsylvania Capitol building in Harrisburg.

For the past decade, there’s been nothing short of a crisis in our state capital.

More and more of Pennsylvania’s sprawling and costly bureaucracy operated without scrutiny from investigative reporters, the watchdogs tracking how our hard-earned tax dollars are spent and demanding answers from lawmakers about waste, fraud and abuse.

Together, we can restore accountability.

I’m proud to introduce you to Spotlight PA, an ambitious, statewide, and reader-funded newsroom based in Harrisburg with the mission of holding the powerful in Pennsylvania to account through hard-hitting investigative journalism.

Spotlight PA is an unprecedented collaboration born of the grit and determination that makes our state great, and it now provides high-quality state government and statewide reporting at no cost to 75 community newsrooms across Pennsylvania. And we continue to grow.

Today, we’re excited to announce an expansion to provide greater access to our journalism throughout Pittsburgh via a new partnership with PublicSource.

Spotlight PA’s independent team is stationed just two blocks from the Capitol, and our investigative reporters include Pennsylvania veterans and other accomplished journalists recruited from across the U.S.

Spotlight PA is now the single largest statewide newsroom in Pennsylvania dedicated to producing accountability journalism about the state government and urgent statewide issues.