Visual storyteller/producer

PublicSource, a Pittsburgh non-profit specializing on in-depth journalism, is looking for a visual storyteller, a journalist who can produce not only powerful still photography, video and gifs but someone who is able to write a good story.

Our team needs a person who is interested in issues that matter to Pittsburgh -- environment, criminal justice, race relations, affordable housing, health, access to healthcare and education -- someone who will cover these topics with people, strong characters at the center. We want a person who is passionate about giving voice to the voiceless and excited about challenges of telling a serious story with photos, video, VR tools and Snapchat. The ideal candidate is good at working with the most unwilling of sources and asking tough questions whether it's at a press conference, at an interview or at a school board meeting.   

We are looking for a go-to person who has an open mind, willing and able to experiment, work alongside with our reporters on storytelling, come up with ambitious project ideas and execute on them. We want a person who is willing to adapt to an ever-changing media landscape in a small nonprofit newsroom, while holding dear eternal values of powerful storytelling.  

That person should have solid skills in using Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

Please send your resume, cover letter, ideas for PublicSource and samples of your work to Mila Sanina at by Nov. 14.