PA lawmakers troubled by prescribing to state’s foster, delinquent youth

Juvenile justice experts described to a panel of lawmakers Friday the potential dangers pyschotropic medications pose to vulnerable youth.

They didn’t stop at explaining the problem either.

With a dozen lawmakers in one room for the third-annual Children & Youth Disability & Mental Health Summit, they made pleas for additional funding, data collection and transparency.

Troubled kids, powerful drugs

PublicSource built a database of the medications ordered by the six state-operated youth correctional facilities from 2007 through 2013.

The high-security system has been shrinking over the last decade, but the facilities remain to take the state’s most chronic or violent juvenile offenders.

Use this tool to search through the psychotropic drugs prescribed to youth offenders in the state facilities.

PA juvenile offenders given psychiatric drugs at high rates

VIDEO Thousands of at-risk kids lived in six state-operated youth development centers and forestry camps from 2007 through 2013. Within the razor wire — or dense tree lines in forestry camps — psychiatric medications are flowing, despite the potential consequences to the developing brains and bodies of kids.