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Is my life worth $1,000 a month? The reality of feeling undervalued by federal disability payments.

My personal income puts me at the federal poverty level, even though I have a graduate degree and more than 30 years of both paid and unpaid work experience. Because I am disabled and no longer able to do most paid work, I receive about $1,000 through Social Security Disability Insurance [SSDI].

February 10, 2020 |

Pittsburghers weigh in as Social Security mulls using social media to help vet disability claims

The Social Security Administration can currently review a person’s social media presence as part of fraud investigations that include information from social media to corroborate findings. But under the Trump administration, the agency has studied whether to expand its use of social media as part of the disability claims process.

May 20, 2019 |

How PERSAD Center is dealing with sudden leadership changes and concerns about a no-show policy for its LGBTQ patients

Under the nonprofit’s “no-show” attendance policy, clients get discharged from services if they miss three appointments in six months. This policy is not new, but PERSAD only began reviewing the policy with patients and asking them to sign it in the fall. And concern over this policy is not the only upheaval occurring at PERSAD.

January 17, 2019 |