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PublicSource goes to high school to talk, and learn, about media bias

In the fall, an unusual request came my way. Renee Patrick, an English teacher at Winchester Thurston High School in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside, wanted PublicSource staffers to talk with two classes about media bias.

I was surprised. Junior and senior high-school students were studying media? Which media? Don’t they get all their news from twitter, Facebook and Jon Stewart? Do they read the legacy media? Have they even heard of the 80 or so online news sources across the country like PublicSource that do in-depth news?


PA’s regulation of amusement parks falls short in inspections, enforcement

Pennsylvania has more amusement park rides than any other state, with 9,300 registered rides. And its parks are unmatched in safety, Gov. Tom Corbett said in a June press release, because of the state’s rigorous ride-inspection program.

But a PublicSource investigation shows that the state agency that oversees amusement parks doesn’t track the safety inspection reports that parks are required by law to file each month the park is open.

State records show that more than half of Pennsylvania’s permanent parks and water parks did not turn in all of their safety inspection reports in 2012. The agency had no reports at all for 12 of the state’s 117 permanent parks and water parks PublicSource analyzed.