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PublicSource wins awards for 2019 reporting and thanks storytellers and the community for their trust

PublicSource has been honored with six state, regional and national awards for coverage in 2019. From toxic chemicals in the environment to first-person perspectives on mental health and a deep look at what it means to live on low wages in Western Pennsylvania, these awards honor excellent reporting of stories often left untold.  While PublicSource […]


As a Pennsylvanian with a disability, I’m forced to choose between higher pay and essential benefits

Compelling personal stories told by the people living them. For most people, waking up and getting ready for work is a fairly straightforward routine. You get up, probably drink some coffee, take a shower, get dressed and head out the door. I’d guess it takes you about an hour, maybe two hours at the most?  […]

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Moratoriums on evictions, utility shut-offs now are necessary, but policymakers should also plan for the post-coronavirus fallout

Compelling personal stories told by the people living them. When I worked as a caseworker for a local nonprofit here in Pittsburgh, every spring, I saw the same thing happen year after year. As soon as the winter utility moratorium lifted, we would have a surge in requests for utility assistance to prevent shut-offs. Often, […]

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Things were looking good, then the pandemic hit. How four Pittsburgh-area businesses are weathering the COVID era.

COVID-19 has brought hard times to small business owners across the nation.. The online review website Yelp estimated that before July 10, 73,000 small businesses in the United States had closed permanently. Times have been difficult for businesses in the Pittsburgh region, and while the outlook is uncertain, PublicSource spoke to the owners of four resilient businesses that have stayed afloat by obtaining credit, going online, developing new streams of revenue, and in one case, simply breaking the rules.