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A freshman’s take on teen mental health 101, and spoiler, it’s not constant positivity | S4, Ep. 2

A sustainable future and the health and wellness of teens are inextricably linked. Since the pandemic, there’s been an increase in high school students feeling persistently sad or hopeless and a shortage in pediatric mental health providers. In this episode, Cayah Leavy, a high school freshman, walks us through her experiences with mental health, balancing […]

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Video: Reporting on youth suicide in Allegheny County for PublicSource

Reporter Mary Niederberger speaks about how she was affected by her reporting on youth suicide in Allegheny County and what she hopes people will take away from this story. She also talks about the special considerations she and PublicSource Managing Editor Halle Stockton took when deciding how to present the story because of its sensitive subject matter.

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If there’s one benefit from the opioid crisis, it’s this

One out of every 11 organ donors is a person who has died from a drug overdose.

This statistic is according to new government data reported by The Washington Post.

The trend is a combination of rising drug-related deaths and efforts by advocates to spread the message of organ donation to more communities, even marginalized ones, according to the article.