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You are going to pay for floods, no matter where you live.

Let's get that out of the way upfront.

You will pay to protect houses near the water, or you will pay as those houses lose value, are empty or are torn down.

Emmai Alaquiva is an award-winning music producer and entrepreneur and has parlayed his accomplishments into mentoring kids, through hip hop music. He has found a way to infuse positive hip hop with education to get teens excited about music and learning.

The chemical leak at Freedom Industries that left 300,000 people without water in West Virginia brings up questions in other states, like Pennsylvania, about the possibility of other water contamination catastrophes. There have been spills into Pennsylvania waterways before, and regulators say those incidents have led to more strict laws here. Regulators say a spill is less likely here than in West Virginia, but clean water advocates aren't so sure.

Ammonia is the family business for Tanner Industries.

The company, which distributes ammonia and has a facility near Tamaqua, started 60 years ago. Tanner won awards from the Philadelphia Fire Department, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency office in Philadelphia and the Chemical Education Foundation for its care in handling ammonia.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak announced a proposal Tuesday to make a wealth of information -- from the location of potholes, to building permits, to paving schedules -- available to the public on a new city website and for consumption by the tech community who could transform the data into useful apps.

When the Hatfield’s Ferry and Mitchell power plants were closed last fall, PJM officials assured customers and legislators that the power grid’s reliability would not be affected.

However, many southwestern Pennsylvania customers were asked to limit power consumption when temperatures reached a record low last week.

As Pittsburgh Public Schools considers closing another school to help avert a million-dollar budget deficit in 2016, three new charter schools are clamoring for their own share of students ... and of public tax dollars.

Red and blue crayons were in high demand at Lincoln Charter School as fourth-grade students illustrated their support by designing Valentine's Day cards that will be sent to active American military troops.

The Lackawanna County Government Study Commission hired a former FBI agent as a private investigator to look into complaints the commission received about the operations of several county and county-related agencies.


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