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An unprecedented wave of people with autism are "aging out" of high school and it's uncertain what their lives will look like once supports and services are no longer guaranteed by the government.

Tom Wolf Tuesday night celebrated a resounding victory after becoming the first challenger in four decades to unseat an incumbent governor.

But winning may have been the easy part.

At 98.8, Pittsburgh's Composite Cost of Living is well beneath the benchmark average score of 104.5, but Pittsburgh has the highest transportation cost of all the regions. 

A new federal report shows homelessness in Pennsylvania is on the rise, bucking trends nationwide and in Erie County.

It's hard to miss investment in Pennsylvania when it takes the form of a downtown high rise or new sports complex, but if you're not in the business community, you may not be aware of the robust -- less visible -- investments that propel the state's economy.

With the last in-your-face accusations hurled, counter charges lobbed, and deft evasions parried at Monday's final gubernatorial primary debate, the four Democrats vying for the chance to take on incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett took to stumping the commonwealth Tuesday in hopes of winning the nomination.

For Squirrel Hill resident Paul O'Hanlon, traversing city streets in the winter months comes with an extra set of challenges. A trip over Pittsburgh's crumbling sidewalks and pothole-ridden streets carries added danger when these same streets and sidewalks are covered with snow and ice.

Republicans are expanding their majorities in Pennsylvania in both the state House and Senate. Some of the winners have to go through a crash course in serving in the General Assembly.

Republican David Zimmerman has been a politician for more than 20 years, but never at the state-level.

The notion of Main Street is old-fashioned: the whole idea of people heading to town to take care of their business. Not the malls. Not online ordering. You might even stop by the post office and mail an actual letter, and you will certainly run into people you know and chat.


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