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The Steel City is justifiably proud of its many universities, but with more education can come more problems.

People graduating with Ph.D.s and other advanced degrees face an employment crisis in today’s university and the larger economy.

Tom Wolf was sworn into office Tuesday as the 47th governor of Pennsylvania, telling a crowd of dignitaries and citizens at the state Capitol that he will devote his administration to the goals of jobs that pay, schools that teach and a government that works.

After President Barack Obama asked Congress to meet him on common ground and also noted he could veto bills, Pennsylvania-based legislators gave their own thoughts Tuesday night.

A slideshow of Gov. Tom Wolf's new Cabinet and advisers. It includes information about their experience and whether they donated to Wolf's campaign.

Perhaps not surprisingly the barriers to addiction treatment are particularly onerous for the 1.4 million Pennsylvanians who don't have private insurance and aren't eligible for Medicaid.

"Narcan is used for a moment. And addiction is a chronic disease, it’s a progressive fatal disease. So Narcan has an enormous role keeping someone in life and not in death, but after that moment, the person is still addicted,"[said Amy Sechrist, a certified prevention specialist at Lancaster’s Compass Mark, which offers education on drugs, and help for those who need it.]

More than a decade ago, heroin evoked the image of a homeless man standing under a bridge with a needle sticking out of his arm.

It was fun while it lasted, but call this rumor bunk: Leaders and aides say the Republican-controlled House and Senate will not try to push bills to Gov. Tom Corbett’s desk before Democratic Gov.-elect Tom Wolf is sworn in.

Among the Pennsylvania House members sworn in for new terms Tuesday were two who are currently facing bribery, conflict of interest and other charges.


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